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  • no-img Responsive Website Development A major proportion of your audience accesses your website through a mobile device, its good if its available they say. Get a website that responds well to all screen types and is cross browser compatible.
  • no-img Mobile Development Mobile optimization is the most crucial element for a high-performance website. Our senior programmers create websites that reach your customers on the go.
  • no-img Content Management System We are well versed with the right tools and technologies to use for websites in different industries. Get a dynamic CMS built from our experts to manage and run your site smoothly.
  • no-img PHP Development A custom coded website by the senior programmers is secure, functional and high performance. PHP is an open source language that supports your custom ideas for your website.
  • no-img Chat Module Development Need to convert potential visitors into customers with online chat support? Guide your customers in the most precise manner with our online chat module.
  • no-img Wordpress Development Most websites running on the web are developed using WordPress, because it is cohesive, easy to use and manageable. We have a team of WordPress developers ready to take bulk orders.
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Web & Mobile Development Process:

MKM has a gradual process for web and mobile development. We create websites that not only look great but also work great. We consider and implement your content and marketing strategy from the start to ensure maximum user experience and coordinated performance.

  • Digital Audit

    The first thing your website needs is an audit. If you have an existing website for your product or services, we will carry out a digital audit to understand the functionality and performance. We review the data and suggest changes and improvements that align with your core strategy and business preferences.

  • Business Analysis

    This step gives us an understanding of your sales process and corporate culture. We dive deep into your niche and understand the true potential of your business and the growth for your brand. We then incorporate those insights in to our process to put up a website that has potential for future expansion.

  • Information Architecture & User-Experience

    We create a blueprint for your online success through monitoring your UX and IA. This acts like a backbone for your site structure and flow. A well-planned website leads to an engaging design and rich content placement

  • Digital Strategy & Interface Design

    This phase works as a basic agenda for your website. We determine the core purpose of your brand and translate it into compelling design that delivers the right message to your audience through the right mediums.

  • Front-End Coding

    Our front-end coding team specializes in cutting edge tools that are ready to match Google standards and ensure your website loads fast and works in a super friendly way. The front-end team codes your website that is responsive to all mobile and tablet devices and is cross browser compatible.

  • Back-End CMS Development

    We make it easy for you to manage and update your site on your own with very little or no technical knowledge. Our back-end developers create dynamic content management systems that build secure and reliable platforms

  • Quality Assurance

    Once the code of your website is final, we place it on our test server and perform quality assurance. This process ensures smooth functioning of your website and tests for any bugs, errors and potential fixes. Basically, we get everything covered before we go live.

  • Future Optimization & Marketing

    A website is the face of your business and should have the ability to adapt to future changes and expansions. We code and design your website in a way that can be updated and improved as your business grows and explores new opportunities. After we launch your website, we are glad to be your on the go team for your future strategy and website expansion. We help you develop a long-term approach towards increased sales, better brand management and lifetime customer loyalty.

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The reason why websites fail

Often people get fancy websites designed and developed but their investment doesn’t pay off due to a lack of planning and direction. In order to create a successful website, you need to understand your target audience, look into their needs, and come up with solutions that address those needs in the short and long term.

All of these elements influence the design, structure and content on your website. If you do not have precise information about your audience and industry, your website will not yield the results you are expecting for your business.

Trust and Reliability issues

If a user comes to your website and you are not able to win them over, they are not likely to hire you for any services. It is crucial to be someone your users can rely on. Certain elements contribute to your trust ranking and reliability as a website. This includes custom design, original and rich content, 3rd party validations and online reviews. Our strategists and programmers have a deep understanding of what works in order to win trust of your visitors. We can help you be an authority website by placing our expertise into practice.

Not meeting the expectations

You may hire online marketing services and have a strict budget to advertise your website on several platforms. However, if a user comes to your website after seeing an ad and it doesn’t meet their expectations set by the ad then they are most likely to exit right away. This increases the bounce rate on your site and gives a poor impression to search engines as well. It is crucial to have a strategic and a well-coordinated plan that communicates the same message through different mediums and maintains your brand image.

Coding issues

We have professional front end programmers and back end coders who dedicate themselves to clean codes. If you hire someone who compromises on coding and takes shortcuts, then it may result into high loading speed, responsive issues, broken pages and of course trust issues. We have a systematic procedure where we meet all the standards by Google and meet W3C validations while writing the code of your website. If you feel your existing website is losing potential sales due to any of these issues, feel free to contact us now for a FREE audit.

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