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27 Dec, 2017

Even though the first website was made up decades ago and nowadays there are millions of websites in the world, a website as a concept is still seems to be a real black hole for the majority of people. Why is it important to become a self-taught expert before investing in a website? What should you know by all means to draw as many visitors to it as possible and make it effective, up-to-date and unusual? According to Seth Godin, one of the most prominent Internet and marketing experts of all times, one must know website or even web programming basics in order to operate properly and avoid any tricks from web developers. It means that even if you are just investing into the website, knowing basics of it is a dive necessity.

Learn ABC

It does not matter you’re about to invest into a popular website or you want to make your own project from the scratch. Believe it or not, knowing basics of web programming, affiliate marketing, links, content management and other features website cannot exist without will significantly increase your chances to get expected ROI from the project. If you are just an investor, it does not matter you should not control the whole process and deal with business processes. Test, explore and gain basic knowledge, at least it will help you to communicate with web developers and designers in their language.

Track trends, time and place

Digital information implies following instant trends and novelties; any website is not an exception. When it comes to investments to website, you must understand chronition. What stands for it? Chronition implies you are aware of time, trends and place, in other words, you know your target audience like a good oil fairy tale. Even though tracking time and trends seem to be not that necessarily at first sight, just believe us: more time you spend analyzing trends and time in the industry, better for your future website. The majority of people who use Internet are used to get relevant information in a few seconds or so. Don’t build any additional boundaries between your products and your customers — provide your audience content, marketing and items they expect and try to overcome their expectations. Remember that investor is the one who invest and defines the direction of the ship.

Hiring Talents…

…don’t forget to keep a finger on the pulse and control everything from A to Z when it comes to hiring talents (web developers, designers, content managers). Without any exaggerations, neither full-time employee nor freelance developer provide guarantees your website will be ready before the deadline, however, by controlling every step and providing relevant recommendations you significantly increase your project ROI. If you don’t have time for his, just delegate this to your manager.

If you are looking for reliable investments into websites — don’t hesitate and call MKM service right now. We are glad to give you a hand when it comes to any projects related to web development.

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