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The importance of email marketing in 2017

19 Jan, 2017

With the increasing popularity of social media marketing for businesses, email marketing was put aside. Most brands and marketers argued that the email marketing is getting OLD and out of fashion as the social media now offered innovative tools and strategies for business promotion. However, email marketing in 2017 is getting more important than ever. It is one of the simplest, easiest and strongest tool for business promotion with an ROI of 3800 percent. This means every $1 you spend on email marketing, returns a profit of $38.

However, the latest email marketing trends in 2017 are more inclined towards mobile devices as desktop computer lose the major share in the online world. Tactics like responsive email design and interactive emails are taking over for the smartphone users.


To dig deeper into the potential of email marketing in 2017, we have analyzed past data which allows us an in-depth insight to what the email marketing entails for marketers and businesses around the world.

One major concern brands have is personalized email responses to customers. This, however, is possible on a smaller scale or one off offers. When you have to send over thousands of emails on a regular basis, automated emails are a solution. A huge inclination is observed towards modular templates, targeted messages and interactive emails this year. Let us look at each in detail to get the overall picture for importance of email marketing in 2017:


  1. Automated emails are the future

Automation is the future of email marketing as customer data gets humongous. Many tools available online aid users to create more dynamic and engaging emails with several added features that integrate products and apps in a creative manner.  The focus is on the overall consumer behavior and making it as pleasing as possible, the good part about automated email marketing is that it takes lesser time and is a cost-effective way to touch the target audience on a regular basis.

As per the Epsilon Email Institute, automated emails messages average 152% click through rates as compared to the usual emails.

  1. Targeted emails through ERP and CRM systems

In 2017, the focus will be on providing the most value to customers through targeted messaging with the use of ERP and CRM technologies. The customer preferences are understood and analyzed to help businesses understand the larger inclination and direction. This analysis helps the brands to send emails that are targeted for users. Businesses can now make use of smart and innovative tools to perceive consumer data and translate to insightful experiences.

  1. Pop-ups are very much alive

So, you have heard the thing about pop-ups being dead as they are not user friendly, but that’s not the case. Why do they have to be dead if they are not user friendly? The solution is to make them engaging and user friendly, not abandoning them right away.

Interactive pop-ups are converting more than ever as they can be embedded on the website or appear after the user is about to leave the site, so as not to interrupt his experience. Advanced tools create pop-ups to present the most engaging deals to your customers that interest them. You can also drag and drop design elements as per your own choice and not stick to the pop up templates provided by the email service.

  1. Gated content increases your email list

Gated content is an ingenious way to attract visitors and fetch their emails. The NY times allows you to read 10 blogs a month for free and after that you reach a wall. You can do the same for your content. However, make sure that you gate high quality content which is very helpful for your users. Do not disappoint your users by tricking them to give their email and ending up with an800-word article about nothing special.

The best way to gate content is to show an excerpt to the user and build their interest. When you have hooked the reader with your excerpt, ask them for their email to read the full piece.

  1. Ditch the templates

Say what???

Email marketers have been using email templates for a long time now, which is why you need to give them up. Write your emails in a more conversational tone instead of gathering a bunch of fonts, styles, headings and formal subject lines. Your users are too bored of the templates that they see daily and they rather want something that they can relate to.

Emails with a personalized subject line have 26% higher chance of being opened as compared to the ones that don’t.

Less Is more when it comes to the latest email marketing trends. Write short, precise and fun emails that capture the attention of your users. As most of your audience accesses the internet via a mobile device, you have to avoid writing hefty paragraphs. Create short, and interactive emails like you would normally contact a friend for a meetup. However, remember your brand image and the direction. If you already have an established brand reputation and you use a certain format each time, then you should probably stick with that.

  1. A/B Testing via Email marketing

There was a time when marketers didn’t even know what would the audience respond to. Several experiments and studies were conducted on shopping behaviors and browsing histories to determine which color triggered more conversions.

However, those days are over thanks to the content analytics and A/B testing methods.

You can test different versions of the same thing via A/B testing. You can figure out what color your audience likes, what should be the size of the call to action, what should your copy say etc.

A/B testing can have a huge impact on your sales and conversions. If you are using an email service that doesn’t offer A/B testing, then you need to switch to the one that offer A/B testing like SumoMe.

  1. Recap Emails are critical

Once you touch your customers with an email, be sure to send them follow up emails and recap emails. People are too busy to remember you if you don’t stay in constant contact. If you have any bonuses for your existing or potential customers, then you should remind them with your recap emails. This is the core of email marketing. You don’t just send an email and forget about it. To stay ahead in a competitive market like today, you must make sure you stay in touch and value your customers before your competitors do.

Whether you have a limited bonus for a certain time or you have a sale for a certain product, do not just rely on one email. This doesn’t mean you annoy your customers with tons of emails but just give them a friendly reminder so that they know you are thinking about them and your brand cares about them.

Do not let your sales shrink just because you did not take out 5 minutes to send a brief recap email.

  1. Harnessing the power of Videos in Email Marketing


A video in your email can increase your click through rate by 200-300%

Even if you mention a video in your subject line, your open rates get a 19% increase and your CTR increases by 65%. Not only that but you have fewer people unsubscribe from your list if you are using videos in your emails. We all know the high engagement rates of videos on Facebook so why ignore them for email? People are more likely to remember visual content and learn about your products and services through interactive and playful videos.


Emails are 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers as compared to Twitter or Facebook.

Make sure you put them to the best of use through placing playful video content in your emails.


These are just a few trends on the importance of email marketing in 2017. Currently 56% of companies in the US are using an email marketing provider, are you one of them?


Or are you lagging and still thinking of ways to improve your customer base? If you are still thinking about starting your email marketing campaigns, don’t think, act now. If you are not sure what to offer your clients in your emails, feel free to get in touch with us for a FREE consultation.


Take your business to the next level by implementing intelligent email marketing campaigns.

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