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Why Functional Websites Beat Fancy Websites

21 Dec, 2017

Do you remember fancy web design on the early 2000? Lots of flashy content, glitter and graphics sometimes made our eyes hurt. Even though nowadays the majority of people tend to classic landing pages with sliders, easy-to-read texts, quotes, there are some web developers who are sure a fancy website is a great showcase of creativity. It is hard to neglect a fancy website draws much attention, but are you sure that you chase attention, not sales and high conversion? No matter you are a professional photographer, an entrepreneur or blogger — turning a website into powerful web-platform is a big dream of everyone. Turning your ‘regular’ website into functional and useful is the right path to get the results you need and there are at least three reasons why you should prefer functionality to glitter.

Keep It Simple

Once it’s a night out and you’re going to your friends, you expect them to make you comfortable in their house. Welcoming your customer could be compared with welcoming good old friends in your house — you must make them comfortable with easy-to-understand website map, clear statements, bright images. In addition, you should ‘wrap’ all important and useful information your visitors are looking for under these tools. In brief, a customer-friendly website is a half of success for any online store or other projects. No creative navigations, no complex functions — keep it simple. You can check giants’ website (e.g. Apple, Chanel) to make sure simplicity worth it.

Know Your Perfect Customer

The majority of businesses make same mistakes: they design numerous products, they brain storm about new marketing strategies, they work on website renovations all the time, however, they forget about the most important thing in any business — customer. Designing a website with confusing navigation (which you though would look like your creativity) and numerous sliders on one page is not what you need. However, there are exceptions: if your target audience consists of girls from 10 to 15, maybe you should think about fancy design. However, the majority of shops, blogs and other projects are aimed to 20-25+ audience. Create a customer-friendly website taking into account your audience trends and tastes. Run a fashion store? Cooperate with top fashion bloggers. Do you sell kitchen ware? Start your own YouTube blog and insert vids on the website. Ask yourself: what does your ideal customer wants from your website? Age? Male or female? Region? Your website does not have to appeal every user on the Internet, just maximum of your target audience will be enough.

No Pain

Be your customer or become your customer just for this period when you develop website from the scratch or make some alterations. If your website is cluttered with many pictures, ‘water’ words and visual stimulation which make boundaries between customers and their ‘pain’ — don’t hesitate to erase it. Know your customers’ problems (pain) and solve it as soon as possible. Usually a clean and crisp website which is easy to read and it’s not overwhelming wins in a battle of functionality and fancy.

Author: mkm-admin


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