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Opportunities don’t happen, you create them.

Major Key Movements mission is to build brands and drive sales with a digital and innovative approach. With over three decades of experience in this industry, we have developed a proven process that will grow your business, generate leads and increase sales. Integrated marketing works wonders when laced with the cutting-edge tools and technologies.
We are an international operation with management offices in New York and Florida. Our professional organization creates the solution for helping you save a lot of time and money with our skilled project managers and experienced resources.


imran Khan

Imran M. Khan

  • As a full service digital agency, we offer custom tailored digital marketing solutions, brand strategy and rich engaging content.

  • By partnering with us, you will be working with a “POWER TEAM” of experts in marketing, business management, operations, analytics and media.

  • We take pride in partnering with Businesses & Entrepreneurs by helping them develop a blueprint from Idea to Execution. Get your Free Consultation with our team of professionals today.


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    They say the best time to start a business was 3 years ago, and the second-best time is NOW, but I was literally afraid to take the Next Step, I myself am surprised at how far I have come only by giving these guys a chance. Marvelous Team, Splendid Results

    5 Star Rating E Selasi Adika
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    What I learned, after working with MKM, is the true meaning of effective communication and collaboration. Must recommended.

    5 Star Rating Nicole williams
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    The first time I got a call for an order after Marko did my Instagram campaign, it was unbelievable. The sales are always coming in since then. I am hoping to spend more. Thanks a ton.

    5 Star Rating Andrew clark
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    The true FULL SERVICE DIGITAL AGENCY. Everything I could think of, they had it. Fantabulous!

    5 Star Rating Manish
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    Imran was a pleasure to work with by completing all of my specific needs in a timely fashion. This is the second time I have worked with Imran and I plan on continuing to hire him for future work. Highly recommended!
    I had such an AMAZING experience working with Imran and his team. He really is a Solution Expert as described in his profile.

    5 Star Rating Jeremy N. Sea To Sky Glass
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    They optimized my WordPress page that was taking so long to load and now it is working SUPER fast!
    There were several other small changes on the WordPress site that needed fixing and Imran was able to communicate with me and educate me through the full process so I understood what was needed and WHY. That was so important to me. Well deserved 5 STAR review. Thank you Imran and Team. I have more projects in my pipeline and I will be working with you again!

    5 Star Rating Mike R.
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    At first it was difficult to tell skill set since it was all back end coding, and I have no idea on back coding stuff. I had MKM check the work since I felt "pressured" from scare tactics of my other website designer trying to scam me for more money. Thankfully, MKM was educating me first and helping me understand what I really needed. I became more confident in making decisions for what I actually needed, and now I am happy I worked with the team at MKM. Thank you!

    5 Star Rating Jennifer W.
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    Excellent Company with creative, attentive and knowledgeable tech staff. They met deadlines and understood my company needs. Well done!

    5 Star Rating Carmelo S.
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    Imran and his team were very professional and knowledgeable about the work I posted online. I explained to Imran what I wanted on the website and he provided excellent recommendations before the project even started and follow through every single details. We setup milestones together and delivered according to schedule. His team was very professional and available when needed after I saw some links on the website were disabled. I will highly hire Imran and his team in the future and recommend his group to the community.

    5 Star Rating Ashmore Services
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    Very prompt and knowledgeable. Easy going personality very helpful

    5 Star Rating Zozis Loft
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    It has been a pleasure working with Imran Khan and his team at MKM on executing an incredibly high quality product, essentially over night. From the get-go, Imran had the ability to manage his team’s capacity and priorities in building our custom mobile-friendly website, and constantly reassured me along the way.
    We all knew how crazy this was going to be when we collectively signed up for it, and I'm so glad I've been able to work with a team, led by Kashif Shah, that has a "let's get shit done" mind set. If things broke, or weren’t translating in the way they were originally designed to, Kashif, Dania, his co-project lead, and his dev team were amenable to revising, and continued to provide support post launch of the website.
    While we were able to expedite the process by having a thorough vision for our end product and detailed wireframes to kick off progress, the MKM team were critical to bringing these wireframes to life, by owning the design, and continuing to help me think through UX, in a savvy way. Another massive benefit to working with this team, was that they were 24/7. I nearly always had someone digesting and responding to my questions or requests — whether they were at 3pm or 3am.
    All in all, working with Imran, Kashif, and the MKM team was like working with a partner instead of a vendor. One who was equally excited about our goals, shared our vision on the project’s end goal, and was tirelessly working to execute on the project to the highest standards.
    We will most likely be continuing to work with them as it relates to this project's iterations and future concepts.

    Read More 5 Star Rating City of New York Mayors Office