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5 Criteria Your Website Should Meet to Be on Top

05 Jan, 2018

Have you already read dozens of articles about web programming, investments into a websites and numerous tools in order to boost your website conversion? Our advice is to start with basics. Knowing these easy criteria will help you to make your website captivating for both customers and search engines.

1. Speed

When it comes to testing your website, pay attention to speed. First, track how much time it takes your website to load from A to Z. If it takes more than a few seconds, you must make amendments and alter your website to make it load in a few seconds. Nowadays we live in a world of clip thinking and constant rush — people neither want wait nor have time to stand your website loads for minutes.

2. Responsiveness

The second and probably the most important thing is responsiveness — your website should render well on any devices, no matter its window size or operational system. Spend maximum an hour to check your website has good responsiveness on any device. It’s unacceptable that your website has bad responsiveness since we live in the 21st century.

3. Browser Compatibility

Does this piece of advice sound old-fashioned? Never-the-less, some businesses forget to check their website browser compatibility. There are 4.5 billion people in the world who use Internet and they could be divided into several groups: some of them are in love with Safari, others prefer Opera, some people cannot imagine their Internet experience without Internet Explorer. Again, it will take you only a few minutes — check your website browser compatibility with all popular browsers (at least 10) to sleep well knowing your project is presented well no matter about web browser.

4. Mobile friendly

In addition, more than 50% Internet users in the world read, post and buy from their mobile phones, thus, you must make sure your website is mobile friendly and one can easily open a blog post or buy that jeans just like that from his mobile phone. Again, ask your colleagues or friends visit your website in order to make sure it is mobile friendly and if there are some problems, don’t save money on a good mobile web developer in order to optimize your website.

5. W3C Standards

You are neither the first, nor the last man in the world who builds a website. Why inventing a bicycle when it has already been made? Check W3C standards which are available for any Internet user and make sure your website meets at least basic W3C standards. In brief, W3C standards define an Open Web Platform which is called for application developments. The system has high potential in order to enable developers all over the world to get functional and rich interactive experience.

MKM management keeps finger on the pulse on more than 600 (!) criteria when building or optimizing websites. Don’t hesitate to call us right now if you need another rising star on the Internet or you want to optimize the existing project.

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