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4 Easy Steps to Build Website of Your Dreams

17 Jan, 2018

There are 1 billion websites in the world and each moment hundreds of new websites are being registered. How to stand out of the line and be on the top? Where should you pay much attention to make your website captivating for visitors and lucrative for you? Turning your online shop, blog or other website into businesses is an easy thing if you go step by step.

The majority of web developers and entrepreneurs are not patient when it comes to web developing: they want functional website with high conversion in a day or a week. However, building a good website could be compared with building a ‘new’ body in a gym. Your body needs time to build muscles or burn fat; the same thing with website — your project needs time and pushing special buttons in order to be on the edge of glory. We have gathered for you some tips for 4 steps to build website of your dreams.

Step 1: Design matters

The eternal question ‘functional or fancy’ is still relevant. However, even though fanciness is not critically important, a good design matters. Website is your business’s face on the Web. You must treat your website just like this: order a good design, keep a finger on the later tendencies and alter design before holidays or special days (e.g. Black Friday). For example, you can call to MKM service and ask us to design a website for you. Modern designs, individual approach to every client and results which overcome expectations are just a few reasons why to work with us.

Step 2: Front-End Programming

Once you are done with design, functionality calls the shots. Front-End programming is the initial and key point where users start exploring your website. We recommend to use mind map to get a better understanding of your business and website needs. Mind map is an excellent tool to write down website map from A to Z and make sure you deliver visitors exactly the needed functions.

Step 3: Back-End Programming

If there is only one advice about back-end programming it would sound like “never-never-never save on back-end programming”. This part of the website is its internal organs: hearth, brain and stomach. Human body works like a flawless system and this is your etalon: aim your money and time to organize great back-end programing and write up a website which is the best in the industry.

Step 4: Database

Speaking about website database, don’t forget about rule no. 1 — backup is the first thing you should do. Then when it comes to database on the website, you can use local hosting or, modern cloud hosting. Compare plans and functions they offer in order to keep your website database in a safe and reliable way.

Paying attention to these steps will definitely help you to build a website of your dreams which will be effective, fulfilled and captivate many visitors making your business lucrative.

Author: mkm-admin


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